Embracing The Treadmill

No one, I mean no one, truly likes the treadmill. But, unless you live in the PNW or California outdoor running isn’t a year round sport. There are seasons where outside isn’t always feasible and doesn’t always make sense to do. Add in factors like unlit running trails, safety and being tired of the cold and the treadmill is the only thing salvaging some runs.


This winter I learned to embrace the treadmill. Particularly with speed work. When I’m trying to hit truly hard (for me) paces it’s nice to just set the treadmill to that speed and go. No thinking involved. Especially appealing if I’m already mentally tired from work and life.

Set, (try to) forget it and zone out. And with the replacement of room temperature instead of the brutal cold, I’m not stopping every couple of minutes to blow my nose. It also holds my water for me and for days when my stomach is angry, there’s a bathroom a few feet away.

It is really, really boring but the treadmill has massive advantages. Skipping a run or slipping and falling on ice is far less ideal than being bored. And when I’m getting over a cold (a seasonal occurrence because I live in New York and am constantly around germy people), running out in the cold is just miserable/impossible.

How do I beat the boredom? The first key ingredient is breaking out my best of the best playlist, the one I only use for races and intimidating workouts. This keeps me distracted and happy. When I’m bored of that I think about the temperature outside and how miserable that is, I’m grateful to be indoors sweating it out inside of unable to feel my hands, feet and face. Another key ingredient is having a workout to do. Even if it’s just a warm up and then some uptempo work or varying easy-ish paces. It breaks it up and instead of 11 miles, it’s a warm up and then 1.25 miles, quick rest, another 1.25 miles, etc.


On a bitterly cold day, I’d much rather be sweating it out than slipping and sliding on snow and ice. I’m not an all-weather runner and you’ll likely never see me out there with microspikes on my running shoes. That’s perfectly okay. I’ll run in some brutal weather on occasion, but I also know that sometimes a run is simply going to be better and I’ll go longer if I’m indoors.

Even though it’s now spring, I’ve found the treadmill to be a powerful tool in my training. It makes speedwork mentally easier, it helps me test paces that I may not be able to hit on my own and gives me easy access to hills without a trek up to the park.

When do you use the treadmill instead of hitting the roads? What conditions make you stay inside?


2018: A Year in Review & 2019 Goal Setting

2018 began with strong goals and an incredible sense of overconfidence.

I went from out of shape, wheezing after a few miles to 3:41 marathon – I thought all I needed to do was just work my ass off again and I’d have it all.

I learned this isn’t true but I keep at it for the love of the work.

There have been a lot of obstacles. I kept showing up. When I was injured, I let it get me down mentally, but I never let it keep me from doing anything I could to feel strong; I kept showing up.



2018. Nothing good, running-wise, happened for 6 months. A year of patience. I cheered my friends on from the sidelines, watched PR after PR and limped home afterwards. I love cheering others on, but it’s hard when you’re not able to chase any of your goals at the time.

2018 was a lot of grinding, a lot of injury and time off and a lot of just doing it but not seeing results yet. By the time I was healthy enough and strong enough to see results – it was summer. Not exactly PR season.

There’s not a long list of things to review. There’s 2 races I’m proud of and thoroughly happy with. The Boston 10k and Philly. I worked hard and I did things I didn’t think I could do. I had one incredible race – that’s more than enough for me.



Initially, I thought I didn’t deserve 3:26. I still don’t believe I deserve a spot at Boston 2020 but I put in a lot of work. Over 3,400 miles and an average of 9+ hours in the gym or on the road every week for the past year in pursuit of a moonshot. Some weeks 15 hours. I didn’t know what I was working towards, other than being the strongest I could be.

It wasn’t my dream to get here, I didn’t think it was possible. I eventually stopped saying no and started saying I don’t know what’s possible.

2018 taught me patience. #KeepShowingUp

I’m unsure of meaningful goals for 2019 (that would be reasonable). I’ve felt a bit lost after Philly. I accomplished my big goal and everything else I want to chase is out of reach (for now). I’m a goal-oriented person, I like having a concrete goal.

I’m happy to see the work that was a year in the making pay off, but I’m not sure where to go next. One thing I do know, is that I love the work. I don’t need a goal to keep showing up.

Going into 2019, I have no set goals.

I want to improve. I want to chip away at bigger goals. I want to keep showing up. I want to keep working smart. I want to stay injury-free. I want to help others reach their goals.

What’re your goals for next year?