2018: A Year in Review & 2019 Goal Setting

2018 began with strong goals and an incredible sense of overconfidence.

I went from out of shape, wheezing after a few miles to 3:41 marathon – I thought all I needed to do was just work my ass off again and I’d have it all.

I learned this isn’t true but I keep at it for the love of the work.

There have been a lot of obstacles. I kept showing up. When I was injured, I let it get me down mentally, but I never let it keep me from doing anything I could to feel strong; I kept showing up.



2018. Nothing good, running-wise, happened for 6 months. A year of patience. I cheered my friends on from the sidelines, watched PR after PR and limped home afterwards. I love cheering others on, but it’s hard when you’re not able to chase any of your goals at the time.

2018 was a lot of grinding, a lot of injury and time off and a lot of just doing it but not seeing results yet. By the time I was healthy enough and strong enough to see results – it was summer. Not exactly PR season.

There’s not a long list of things to review. There’s 2 races I’m proud of and thoroughly happy with. The Boston 10k and Philly. I worked hard and I did things I didn’t think I could do. I had one incredible race – that’s more than enough for me.



Initially, I thought I didn’t deserve 3:26. I still don’t believe I deserve a spot at Boston 2020 but I put in a lot of work. Over 3,400 miles and an average of 9+ hours in the gym or on the road every week for the past year in pursuit of a moonshot. Some weeks 15 hours. I didn’t know what I was working towards, other than being the strongest I could be.

It wasn’t my dream to get here, I didn’t think it was possible. I eventually stopped saying no and started saying I don’t know what’s possible.

2018 taught me patience. #KeepShowingUp

I’m unsure of meaningful goals for 2019 (that would be reasonable). I’ve felt a bit lost after Philly. I accomplished my big goal and everything else I want to chase is out of reach (for now). I’m a goal-oriented person, I like having a concrete goal.

I’m happy to see the work that was a year in the making pay off, but I’m not sure where to go next. One thing I do know, is that I love the work. I don’t need a goal to keep showing up.

Going into 2019, I have no set goals.

I want to improve. I want to chip away at bigger goals. I want to keep showing up. I want to keep working smart. I want to stay injury-free. I want to help others reach their goals.

What’re your goals for next year?


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